Clients : France Télévisions & Tant Mieux Prod 

In 2014, I directed a short film called Sleeping Donkey, based on Jacques Prévert’s poem, for a collection of shorts : Fresh out of School. It brought together poetry with visions from young directors who had just graduated from top french animation schools.
Story : A little boy bearing the « donkey hat » relates to the animal who magically comes alive to help him do his homework.

« Donkey » means  » Dullish Boy  » in french. Back in the day, bad students had to wear a « donkey hat » to underscore their lack of skills to the class. References to this animal are often derogatory but Prévert’s poem is an ode to the creature which ends up very human here.

This short film only has two main colors : blue and red, both refering to the school material used at the time by pupils to study as well as the french flag.